Just having fun.

Blue Vase

Had to grab some flowers to paint before they are all gone. However, I actually like the vase more than the flowers. 😄. But truthfully, I imagined the whole composition. 


‘A pretty blue vase

Holding pretty yellow blooms

They make me happy’

Is It A Fake?

I never know where I am going to find inspiration.


‘This pretty flower

With the yellow-red petals

Is a complete fake’

Cactus Moon Mandala

Click here to see the Cactus Moon Mandala.


I was looking through some old sketches when I found this one. I just love the message and thought it would be good for a repost on Sunday. I was sketching in church when the Priest said this.

“I asked God where he was when my son died. He said he was in the same place he is when His son died.”

So profound!

Another Autumn Leaf

I love painting autumn leaves. Such a beautiful gift from nature. Haiku:

‘Take the time to stop 

And enjoy the pretty leaves

A once a year gift’

Autumn Decor


We have had so much rain this week that the mushrooms are popping up all over to join the fallen leaves creating an autumn scene.


‘Mushrooms and dead leaves

The grass is dotted with them

It’s autumn decor’

Autumn Arrives

‘Welcome to autumn

Where the leaves dance their goodbye

To make us smile’

Happy first day of autumn!

And of course, what would autumn be without her beautiful leaves.

‘This dried up brown leaf

Was once a pretty green one

Hanging on a tree’

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