Just having fun.

Take Home Treasures

While I was walking and sketching yesterday I was gathering things to take home and sketch. Erv found one feather and the other two drifted in.   

Haiku for them:

          ‘Three pretty feathers

           Waiting for us to find them

           Sweet gifts from above’
The reeds by the lake were dried and when I examined them they had little pockets for creating buoyancy. 

The flat piece of palm leaf laying at the top of the page works great for ink and watercolor. I had to try.  

The leaf just came along for the ride ๐Ÿ˜„

It was such a fun day!

A Fun Day

I started the day with my silly eggshell that got in with the wrong crowd. 

The guys went fishing and I had the whole day to sketch whatever I wanted. This egret was so tame sitting by the guys and waiting for a handout, I had plenty of time to sketch him.

It was cold in the morning so I sat in the car and sketched this scene in ink.

I took a walk around the lake and sketched the buildings nestled up to the foot of the mountains.  In ink with my Lamy fountain pen.

Last laugh of the day, this tame egret followed a guy to his car because he was bringing fish home and the egret invited himself to dinner. Lol

Such a fun day!

December Cactus Mondayย 

Day 5 of December and Cactus Monday 


          ‘Even the cactus
            Get decorated with lights

            A happy season’

Day 4 Advent Sundayย 

Day 4 of December is the second Sunday in Advent. Time to light the second candle. 


          ‘The second Sunday

           Time to light two candles

           Prepare for advent’

Watercolor on Arches 140# cold press WC paper

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Day 3 of Decemberย 

Day 3 of December. Time to get the ornaments out and start hanging them. Haiku:

          ‘Oh, look at this one!

            Such a pretty ornament

            Needs a special place’

Wet-in-wet watercolor on Arches 140# cold press in my tiny journal. I love doing wet-in-wet.

December 2, 2016

December 2, getting ready for Christmas. Now that the lights are hung, the elves are helping with the candy canes. Haiku:

          ‘Wait, here’s one more

            It needs to hang on the left

            And don’t eat it first’

Sometimes you have to watch that the elves don’t eat the candy.

December Begins

Beginning December with all the Christmas lights ready to decorate. Haiku:

          ‘The cord is laid out

            To decorate with bright lites 

            To start the season’

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