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Thinking About Home

I painted this a few days ago when I was thinking about the trip home and wrote the haiku:

          ‘Thinking about home

           The lake, the sky, the sunsets

            Beauty all around’

Now that we are ready to leave tomorrow I wrote a follow-up haiku:

          ‘Yet I feel sad

           I will miss Arizona

           And all my good friends’

Ps, I placed the painting with my red Daisy plants that Judy sent. They are growing so well and a friend is going to keep watering them.

My Favorite Daisy

                  My favorite Daisy!  How silly is that!  All daisies are my favorites!

Sketching With Ink only 

Just goofing around with a last minute sketch to fill the page in my Hobonichi planner.

I laughed when I saw this quote so I had to use it.

Red black ink in my TWSBI pen, Lilac Shimmer ink in my Monteverde pen and green ink in my green Monteverde pen.

QOR Paints

These paints are the QOR ones that Connie gifted me when she went sketching with us. I’ve heard so much about them and now I had fun with them. And I love them! They really are as bright as advertised. The colors are Nickel Azo yellow, Quin Magenta and ultramarine Blue. This beautiful triad will take me a lot of places, however, I see more QOR paints headed my way. (I need to visit my art store one more time before we leave). 

Have a bright happy day!

Cactus Monday

My new green set is perfect for Cactus with a little help from my coastal set. Good to know these colors play well together.

Haiku for Cactus Monday:

           ‘Pretty cactus buds

            Just bursting with potential

            To full pink beauty’

Urban Sketching

I haven’t been to Tucson Botanical Gardens in years! It is such a beautiful place I could have stayed there sketching for a week. I am planning to make it an annual visit from now on.

There were 9 of us from OPUS there and they all did beautiful sketches. What a fun day of painting and sharing.

Spatter Spray

I guess yesterday was my day for ‘spattering’. Last evening I was sitting on the island enjoying the quiet and watching the aerators spraying, when I thought, ‘oh wow, what a great spatter!’  

I always carry my small sketchbook down there, so I pulled it out, did the sketch and spattered it when I came home.  

I love when inspiration hits me like that.


          Fountain in the lake

          Shooting spray high above me

          Aerating dreams’

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