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Happy Easter

Rose Queen

I saw this rose on my early walk and it stood alone in its beauty. Such an unusual color.


          ‘One beautiful rose

           She’s queen of the whole garden

           Sharing her beauty’

Stonehenge cold press paper using 3 Daniel Smith watercolors: hansa yellow, pyrol red and thalo yellow-green.

Cactus Monday

I was out researching this ‘Prickly Park’ for our Urban Sketching group and just had to stop for a quick sketch of this purple Prickly pear cactus. The perfect job for Cactus Monday 😄

Ink and watercolor on Arches 140# watercolor paper.

A few photos of the park. 

Out Sketching

Fun day out sketching with our OPUS group. Cold but such a beautiful place. I painted the one on the left trying to catch the mountains in the background and light on the water. 

I was fascinated with the huge cat tails everywhere and did that sketch in brown ink. I got so into it I was late getting back to our meeting place.

A Fun Day

I started the day with my silly eggshell that got in with the wrong crowd. 

The guys went fishing and I had the whole day to sketch whatever I wanted. This egret was so tame sitting by the guys and waiting for a handout, I had plenty of time to sketch him.

It was cold in the morning so I sat in the car and sketched this scene in ink.

I took a walk around the lake and sketched the buildings nestled up to the foot of the mountains.  In ink with my Lamy fountain pen.

Last laugh of the day, this tame egret followed a guy to his car because he was bringing fish home and the egret invited himself to dinner. Lol

Such a fun day!

Mandala Magic Day 2

This is Day 2 of Mandala Magic on creating lotus blossoms. It required lots of measuring and a compass. I don’t have a compass so it meant even more measuring (me, the math major-NOT). I actually love asymmetry so this was a real challenge for me.  

However, all those lines were the pathway to meditation of the way life is, some things can be changed and others not. Accept it. 



            Graceful and symmetrical

            Holding the answers’

Fountain pens: Lamy Safari, Lamy Alstar, Monteverdi Intima.


I’m reblogging this because it’s so exciting when a friend publishes a first book. Freya is my haiku friend.

Dragonscale Clippings

Today is a very emotional day for me…
Today I am launching my first poetry collection!
Insides is my journey through cancer, surgery and chemotherapy.
The process of writing it was initially a therapy for myself but I also wanted to comfort other cancer sufferers as well as trying to convey to those who have no experience of the disease, what it means to have cancer.
From darkness into light, from the depths of exhaustion through a slow rise to recovery; this is a very personal journey.
Will you join me?
In this collection I’m not hiding behind any of my fictional characters such as Dracomagan or Parsley. This is me on a journey I will never, ever forget.
It is available at Amazon UK and Amazon US.
At the moment, it’s only available as an e-book – the paperback will be released in 2017.
And I’ve also produced…

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