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Cactus Monday

I was out researching this ‘Prickly Park’ for our Urban Sketching group and just had to stop for a quick sketch of this purple Prickly pear cactus. The perfect job for Cactus Monday 😄

Ink and watercolor on Arches 140# watercolor paper.

A few photos of the park. 

Quick Sketch

While I was waiting for my husband the other day I noticed the perspective of the trees in front of me and decided to do a quick sketch on a notepad in my purse.


           ‘Perspective in trees
             Beautiful shapes near and far

             Peaceful and quiet’

Fountain pen and ink

February 1st

A sketch from the past with a new haiku to celebrate February 1st 


          ‘It’s February

            Cold month with a hint of warm

            Hope is in the air’

Happy February first!

Long-stemmed Leaf

It’s not only cacti that inspire me, it’s nature in general. This leaf being a small piece of nature that grabbed my attention.


          ‘And yet one more leaf

            Laying on the road so quiet

           ‘Sketch me’, it yelled out’

So I did
Water-soluble ink and pencil in the sketchbook from Suzy. It has really nice paper.

Cactus Monday

I am always on the lookout for interesting Cactus when I walk and this one inspired me yesterday. 


          ‘Beautiful cactus

           Always an inspiration

           To enjoy daily’

Happy Cactus Monday!
Ink and watercolor in my Hobonichi

Cold and Colder

How cold is it? Yesterday the low was 35 F and today is a little colder. Winter in Arizona! Snow in the mountains but none here in the valley. 


           ‘Even my T. Bear

             Needs a warm-y hat and scarf

             40 is cold here!’

Ink and watercolor in my Hobonichi planner

Cartoon From The Past


This was a piece of art I did in 2013 and it came as a memory on Facebook today.   I love Maxine. 

It cracks me all over again because I remember the fun I had doing it.

And I haven’t changed 😂😂😂

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