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Handcrafted Watercolors

I bought some handcrafted watercolor paints from https://www.etsy.com/shop/AnthesisArts?ref=l2-shopheader-name. There are three sets of different color and I bought the ‘Coastal’ set. (I can see purchasing the rest in my future😄). 

These colors are beautiful!  

Love that round tin also 😁

I did a test on my Arches and Stonehenge watercolor papers, both 140# cold press. I personally love the Arches paper and it wins everytime with me.

To find out more on these paints I’m referring you to Jessica’s great in-depth review on https://doodlewash.com/2017/03/11/doodlewash-review-anthesis-arts-handcrafted-watercolors

The challenge of #oneweek100people2017 has been circulating in the art community. I started a day late because I love challenges and could not pass it by.  These were my first 20.  And they were fun!

I used the people around me on this day for my next 20 and decided that color would be fun.

On this day I used some watercolor on the left side and charcoal on the right side.

This was the day I only had a day left to finish the last 40!

I did it! I did it! Not the best job but I did it!

The best part of doing challenges like this are the things we learn along the way. For instance, I haven’t used charcoal in a very long time and found I still like it.

I haven’t done any gestures drawing in forever; didn’t like it years ago and that has not changed!

One thing I discovered is the use of my brush pen, and then adding color to it. I think it’s the boldness that I like. You can capture action very fast with the brush pen and want to try that more.

Phew, now I can move onto painting again. I bought some new hand crafted watercolors that I am dying to try.

Out Sketching

Two interesting things about this painting: it’s on Stonehenge 300# watercolor paper and I found a new place to sketch called Pusch Ridge. My friend lives near and he told me how to drive there. 

I was in the lower Catalina mountains overlooking the Tucson valley with a backlit Saguaro. The mountains in the far background are the Rincon mountains.

Happy Cactus Monday!

I put an arrow where I thought I was on this former painting of the Catalina mountIns. 

This was a little comparison study between Arches and Stonehenge watercolor paper. Both are cold press 140#. 

The sunflower on the left is on Arches paper and the one on the right is Stonehenge.

Arches will always be my favorite but this Stonehenge is now my second. I’m so happy I got those Stonehenge paper samples.

Sunset Sky

Another beauty sunset! And to celebrate I discovered I have to take my glasses OFF for distance and TV, for the first time in 30 years! Plus the sky was an amazing blue earlier. I did not expect this to happen after cataract surgery. I wonder if this is going to change how I paint.

I get my eyes checked for prescription in 2 weeks. Going to be a crazy adjustment.

Sunday’s Steeple

I went to my friend’s church for a little meeting and was inspired by their church steeple. It’s a little wonky but fun to do. I think I’ve move from domes to steeples. And Sunday is a good to post it.

Evotion Of A painting

This is the second page in my Stonehenge sample paper sketchbook. It’s on hot press paper and I thought it would be fun to take pictures at each step.  

The first one is just the pen and ink work which lays down beautifully on this smooth paper.

The second one is adding water to the soluble ink.

The last one is finished with watercolor. Those are my subjects on the right side.

I am really loving this hot press Stonehenge paper! I can see where certain subjects would be better on the cold press and rough press but in the meantime I’m embracing this type.

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