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Geometric Abstract

I don’t know what I was thinking or where I was going with this abstract piece but it just developed. And it was fun.


           ‘Geometric fun

            Shapes and colors colliding

            Just because they could!’
This was the last page in my Arches 140# watercolor paper sketchbook. Now I can start my new one, same size, same paper.

Psychedelic Dance

This is about as different for me as it gets! And this is how it happened….I was uninspired yesterday and wondering what to paint so I thought I would throw some paint around in hopes of a pretty abstract. That didn’t happen so I started wondering if I could save the piece. Then my muse stepped forward and said it looked psychedelic so I added the dancer in black to get the most contrast. Now I liked it so I added a haiku:

‘Psychedelic dance

Fling those arms and kick those feet

Moving and grooving’

Now I really like it and enjoyed the process of getting there. 

Abstract Fun

Painting an abstract is so much fun!  


‘Flamingo for one

Then, purple tail monkey

Gotta love abstract!’

Fun painting it and then more fun looking for something familiar.

WWM – 27

#worldwatercolormonth -Day 27. Since the world watercolor month started I have been exposed to so many beautiful paintings, from total realism to dreamy to totally abstract. I just had to try an abstract. 

It was interesting enough that I will probably try more. Interpretation is part of the fun. 


Is that a bluebird?

The bluebird of happiness?

You could make it one!

Abstract Hydrangea 

My daughter gave me a beautiful hydrangea plant and I was playing around painting it and it ended up as an almost abstract.


Those pretty flowers

Lavender and baby blue

Abstractly blooming

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