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Organizing Art Supplies

When we got home I decided it was time to get my art stuff organized. I found 2 small watercolor palettes that I haven’t used in years. They go well with the other 3 medium sized palettes and my 2 bigger ones. Do I really need 7 palettes? Of course I do! 😄

I have 2 boxes of completed sketch books put away and now I can work on my many other ones. It was fun going through them, I sketched everything in sight!

I need to live to be 200 to use everything up. 

Apparently I cannot resist any new art toys but I know I’m not alone with this obsession. 

Wouldn’t life be boring without all this fun?

Packing and Cleaning

I started the day by cleaning up my art supplies: what to leave and what to take home, and then I found a bunch of acrylic paints that I haven’t used in years……that was 2 hours ago!

Judy sent me a stamp from Thailand to put in my daily journal (used the stamp on her envelope also) so I glued them in and threw a few daisies around them. Thanks Judy for keeping me inspired. 

Then I started painting on a rock….like I said, that was 2 hours ago. At this rate we can leave by August! Lol. We do plan to leave April 25th and hopefully I’ll be ready. 

My friend brought me the rock to paint and a piece of wood to put it on. He is a carver so the wood base will be carved for the rock. Will show you when we are done.

New Art Toys

 New art toys!  

Small altoid pan with three basic colors: Mayan red, Mayan yellow and Mayan blue. These Watercolors are handmade from minerals and ores by Greenleaf&blueberry and sold by Etsy. I mixed them to see what other colors I could make. 

I also bought a hand bound watercolor sketchbook from Emerson Bindery also on Etsy. The very small WC sketchbook is one I made last year. 

Today I bought a makeup purse to put everything in to make the supplies totally portable and still fit in my purse. 

Let the fun begin! 

My Gifts

I painted a landscape from a photo that my grands sent (previously posted) and this is what they brought back for me….candy for DH, a Starbucks cup from France and the most exciting is the pencil case (8.5″ x 2.5″ and 1″ deep) from the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. It has a tray inside so I used the top layer for a few paints with a micron pen to hold it in place plus a painted reference. And a few pieces of watercolor paper. Two water brushes plus another Micron and pencil in the bottom. There is still a little room so I know I find more to put in there. Perfect for carrying in my purse. So exciting. They are such sweet thoughtful girls. 

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