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Paint a Bird Day

Sitting at the lake sketching. It’s ‘paint a bird’ day and if you look closely you can see the bird sitting high on the tree branch. 

So relaxing sitting here enjoying the nice weather and sketching. I needed this day!  

This is the first I’ve posted from my iPhone so not sure how it will turn out. 

Painted Bunting

The 8th of every month is ‘draw a bird day’ and I’m a day late but here is my Painted Bunting which really does look painted. Haiku:

‘The painted Bunting

Oh the beautiful colors

So aptly named’

I Love Cactus

#worldwatercolorgroup. The world watercolor group is the same but the name changed from month to group. Painting with friends around the world is awesome. 

This months theme is ‘things I love’. Everyone knows I love cactus so that’s my love for today on ‘Cactus Monday’ and of course I had to write a haiku:

‘Is this sweet or what?

A small home for those small eggs

Such resourcefulness!’


#worldwatercolormonth -17. When we went to our favorite restaurant this am, we were entertained by this squirrel and bird fighting over a piece of toast right outside our window. I was inspired to paint it for today’s watercolor. And write this haiku:

‘It’s mine. No, it’s mine’

Everyone loves the good food

‘Ok, let’s share it’

Happy First Day Of Spring


Cactus Monday

Cactus Wren singing his Cactus Monday song between two cactus arms.

Happy Cactus Monday.  

From my archives. 

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