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Lonely Blue

Can you believe this….it’s not a Daisy! I saw the image on Pixabay and it was such a pretty blue, I mentally wrote the haiku and then painted it. 

‘Little blue flower

Standing tall but all alone

Think she needs some love’

What Was Lost…

This haiku says it all. Sometimes I do a painting and don’t like it so I close the book and move on. Then I find it again and kind of like it so I tweak it and now I like it even more. Haiku:

‘Painted. Lost. Then found

Like a beautiful love note

Pressed in my sketchbook’


WWM-15 – sending love and support to the French people.


This was a quick one so I wouldn’t miss the day for #worldwatercolormonth. Sometimes quickies are more fun and they get the job done. 

Poppy Time

My neighbor has such beautiful poppies, I just had to sketch one and write a haiku.  Great find for our #naturedoodlewash this month. 

Funny how the neighbor’s on each side of us have such beautiful gardens and all I need to do is walk over, enjoy and sketch.  

A Different Iris

#naturedoodlewash. When we visited Deb I saw this beautiful ‘Bearded Midnight Blue Iris’ in her garden. It looked so elegant I had to paint it and write a haiku.

Call it a hike through her garden 🙂

Iris Bud

I’m joining Charlie’s nature walk this month and I didn’t have to walk far to find this Iris in front of my porch. Tis the Iris season around here. 

And add a haiku:

‘Lovely Iris bud

Slowly showing its purple

Before shouting out!

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