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House By The Sea

I found a resource photo on Pixabay of this house on the coast of Ireland and decided to work on buildings again. I keep trying. Haiku:

‘A house by the sea

Looking lonely and unused

But interesting’

Casino Sketching

We went to the casino yesterday for lunch. He likes to gamble and you know what I like to do. The painting on the left is in the dining room while the one on the right is the casino front with the hotel behind it.   Done in my sketch journal   

Below is the painting I did 5mo the ago for comparison. At least I know I have improved. 😄


A Few Sketches

The top sketch is the cover of my ‘Out and About’ watercolor journal that lives in my purse. The lower left pix is a partial building I could see from inside an open restaurant. The lower right is a door knocker I found there. 

I bought this small hand bound journal on Etsy and the paper is Fabriano Artistico. It is the first time I have used it and it’s wonderful to work on.

Worm’s Eye View



I’m watching the perspective class on Craftsy given by Stephanie Bower. This is my first homework. I would never have attempted this perspective before her class and I’m pretty happy with the results. She is such a good teacher.

 I am sitting well below the hill this building is on, thus the name, ‘worms eye view’. I plan to go back and include a few more buildings while he golfs.  Nothing like positive results for encouragement. 

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