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Ink Bunny

Bunny Girl

-#naturedoodlewash. I have never seen so many bunnies as we have this year! Gives new meaning to the phrase, ‘breeding faster than rabbits’.


Wow, this grass is good

I’m eating for six of us

Well, for five and me

Ink and watercolor in my sketchbook. The text print is from an app called Phonto.

Cactus Monday Bunny

This is a sketch from the past but loved the bunny in there with it being so close to Easter. 

Leap Bunny

I wanted to do something for leap day and along comes a bunny saying, ‘I can do it, I can jump,’ so I sketched him. Then I had fun making the bunny dull with ink so he could leap into the colorful spring with a haiku. 

Being silly with ink and the liquid acrylic I found. 

Happy Leap Day. 

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