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Cactus Monday

I am always on the lookout for interesting Cactus when I walk and this one inspired me yesterday. 


          ‘Beautiful cactus

           Always an inspiration

           To enjoy daily’

Happy Cactus Monday!
Ink and watercolor in my Hobonichi

Labor Day and Cactus Monday

Happy Labor Day and Happy Cactus Monday. 


‘A pretty cactus

To help celebrate the day

Then time to r

Small Desert Scene

This is a small (6x12cm) desert scene from a photo I took last year at Catalina state park. Sometimes I look through my photos and get inspired. This was one of those times. 


‘A small desert scene

Cactus, rocks, and an old stem

Quiet and serene’


#Worldwatercolormonth. Day 11. It’s also Cactus Monday so time to paint a cactus in bloom. And write a haiku:

‘Such a pretty pink

Forget your green prickly skin

Your blooms are the best’

Cactus Monday

I went back to 2006 for this cactus. I remember walking one morning and seeing this beautiful cactus flower and falling in love with it. Done in colored pencil.

Happy Cactus Monday. 

Cactus Monday on 4/4/16

Purple prickly pear cacti are so interesting. Last week while he was golfing I was noticing how intricate the buds are on the cactus…..sketch and haiku on the spot. 

Happy Cactus Monday!

Cactus Monday

Cactus Wren singing his Cactus Monday song between two cactus arms.

Happy Cactus Monday.  

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