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Cactus Monday

My new green set is perfect for Cactus with a little help from my coastal set. Good to know these colors play well together.

Haiku for Cactus Monday:

           ‘Pretty cactus buds

            Just bursting with potential

            To full pink beauty’

Cactus Monday At Sabino Canyon

Our OPUS (Old Puebla Urban Sketchers) had an outing this am at Sabino Canyon. Such a beautiful place to just enjoy and sketching there makes it perfect.  Mountains, flowers and cacti, perfect!

This is the first page in my new Stillman&Birns beta sketchbook. We sat in a ramada and sketched the view of the mountains and desert plants. A beautiful day.

Cactus Monday

Another little sketch on Arches WC paper using my new watercolors handcrafted by Anthesis.  

Since it’s Cactus Monday I decided these were growing in the desert and needed to be painted. πŸ˜„. Whatever works πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

I also discovered that this round tin fits in my mixing dish just perfectly.

Out Sketching

Two interesting things about this painting: it’s on Stonehenge 300# watercolor paper and I found a new place to sketch called Pusch Ridge. My friend lives near and he told me how to drive there. 

I was in the lower Catalina mountains overlooking the Tucson valley with a backlit Saguaro. The mountains in the far background are the Rincon mountains.

Happy Cactus Monday!

I put an arrow where I thought I was on this former painting of the Catalina mountIns. 

Cactus Monday

It’s Cactus Monday so I tried a cactus sketch in my Hobonichi planner using my little fishhook barrel cactus as a model.


          ‘It’s Cactus Monday

           The deadly Fishhook Barrel

           To announce the day’

I’m having more success figuring out how to sketch on this Tomoe paper. I used ink, markers and a little watercolor and I’m pretty happy with the results.

December Cactus MondayΒ 

Day 5 of December and Cactus Monday 


          ‘Even the cactus
            Get decorated with lights

            A happy season’

Cactus Monday

Cactus Monday. I sat outside and sketched our small fish hook barrel cactus showing its growth pattern reaching for the sun.

I used Noodlers Bullet proof ink on Calligraphic Parchment paper. I wasn’t sure if I could use watercolor on that paper, so I tried. A light wash worked ok.


           A baby barrel

           Growing and leaning for sun

           Holding yellow fruit

Happy Cactus Monday🌡

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