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December Cactus MondayΒ 

Day 5 of December and Cactus Monday 


          ‘Even the cactus
            Get decorated with lights

            A happy season’

Kitty Cat Cactus MondayΒ 

OThis is a silly Cactus Monday sketch. I was walking the other day when I saw a cat sitting on the road looking at this patch of Prickly Pear cactus and my mind immediately added the haiku: 

          ‘Hmmm, should I cross here?

            I’ll sit and think about it

            Cactus? Maybe not!

Watercolor on Arches 140# WC paper in my little journal.


“Worldwatercolormonth- Day 25. It’s also Cactus Monday. This image is from a photo I took last year. Leave it to the desert to put 2 colors together I would never have thought of doing; orange and purple! We learn from nature. Haiku:

‘Combine orange flowers

With purple prickly cactus

For desert beauty’


#Worldwatercolormonth. Day 11. It’s also Cactus Monday so time to paint a cactus in bloom. And write a haiku:

‘Such a pretty pink

Forget your green prickly skin

Your blooms are the best’

Cactus Monday 2/22/16

These cactus fall in the Prickly Pear cactus family and are commonly called ‘cow and tongue’ prickly pear because of their odd shape.

I found them at the golf course growing behind a short stone wall.

Happy Cactus Monday

Valentine Cactus Monday l

I went into my archives to find this Valentine cactus and bloom. It’s so perfect for the day with its shape, color and blossom. 

Happy Cactus Monday!

Cactus Monday 2/8/16

I saw this cactus growing next to the speed limit sign in our retirement park, and, well, my imagination just took over and wrote the haiku. I painted it with my Koi Watercolors and added pan pastels for the background. The whole process was fun. 

Happy Cactus Monday!

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