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Your Guess?

I had a ‘day off’ yesterday when he went fishing so I decided to go to a nearby small town to look for sketching subjects. On the way I took a shortcut road through a junkyard and saw this car buried in the weeds. I stopped to take a picture so I could paint it at home. It was too isolated and creepy to stay there.

My question is: does anyone know the make and year of it? I personally think it’s a 1949 Chevy. Any guesses?


I am am editing this to show you what a friend on Facebook found as to the name.  It’s a 1949 DeSoto Deluxe or could be. 1949 Plymouth. Manufactured by Chrysler. My friend  John, consulted with his ‘expert old guy’ who knew the answer and sent the photo.

Friends are so awesome!

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