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Draw A Bird Day

I forgot it was ‘draw a bird day’ so I quickly did this full using a photo reference from Pixabay. 

Definitely multi media trying to get on paper what I had in my mind: ink, charcoal, graphite and white powder pastel on toned paper.


          ‘Wings up and feet out

           Coming in for a landing

           Two points and perfect’

Memory Shell

This sketch was a multi media fun piece. I decided to sketch this shell because of the black tips on it, then I could use my new pen!  

I also ended up using a charcoal pencil, white gelly roll pen, white colored pencil, a tortillon and of course, my new Sailor fountain pen

Then I wrote a haiku about the memories imbedded in the shell 

          ‘This pretty seashell

           Was a gift from a good friend

           This and memories’

My April Fool joke is that I am not buying any new fountain pens! Well, not today anyway 😂😂😂
Happy April 1st!

Charcoal Fun

You never know what fun you’re going to find when cleaning drawers and cabinets, especially in art supplies. 

I found my charcoal pencils! Years ago I used to work with them a lot. But then watercolor took over my life.  

Well, when I found these I quit cleaning and started sketching😄. So fun to work with them again. I’m going to sharpen them and keep them close at hand.

I did this on Stonehenge hot press watercolor paper and did use a light wash on the background.

Done!  100 people in one week. 

The challenge of #oneweek100people2017 has been circulating in the art community. I started a day late because I love challenges and could not pass it by.  These were my first 20.  And they were fun!

I used the people around me on this day for my next 20 and decided that color would be fun.

On this day I used some watercolor on the left side and charcoal on the right side.

This was the day I only had a day left to finish the last 40!

I did it! I did it! Not the best job but I did it!

The best part of doing challenges like this are the things we learn along the way. For instance, I haven’t used charcoal in a very long time and found I still like it.

I haven’t done any gestures drawing in forever; didn’t like it years ago and that has not changed!

One thing I discovered is the use of my brush pen, and then adding color to it. I think it’s the boldness that I like. You can capture action very fast with the brush pen and want to try that more.

Phew, now I can move onto painting again. I bought some new hand crafted watercolors that I am dying to try.


Watching a dog leap in the air to catch a frisbee is so fun! Our neighbor’s dog brings his frisbee over to our house so my husband will play with him. 

Very fun sketching this and with a haiku of course:

Whee, whee, flying high

‘I love catching that frisbee

We are a good team!’


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