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Blessed Christmas 

           ‘It’s Christmas morning

             Baby Jesus has arrived

             Miracle of love’
May your day be happy and blessed.

Merry Christmas

Father Christmas

I met Father Christmas at Old World Wisconsin years ago. While we were visiting I met this man walking down the path. He looked so ‘Christmas’ I stopped and stared at him and he came over and gave me a Christmas hug.

To me, he was Christmas personified.

I was so taken by his red robe, real beard and kind manner that I painted his likeness on a rock. Every Christmas when I take him out with the rest of the decorations, I always smile remembering the first time I met him. 

“Yes Teri, there is a Santa Claus. Or at least a Father Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Making Christmas Cookies

I have been missing my family this Christmas so I guess that’s why I decided to make Christmas cookies. Christmas songs playing and remembering all the laughter and love when we made cookies together. 😍😍😍

Day 3 of December 

Day 3 of December. Time to get the ornaments out and start hanging them. Haiku:

          ‘Oh, look at this one!

            Such a pretty ornament

            Needs a special place’

Wet-in-wet watercolor on Arches 140# cold press in my tiny journal. I love doing wet-in-wet.

December Begins

Beginning December with all the Christmas lights ready to decorate. Haiku:

          ‘The cord is laid out

            To decorate with bright lites 

            To start the season’

The Day After…

You might wonder what Santa does after Christmas………sounds like a good idea to me!

Merry Christmas

                                              MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!

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