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Sketching In Church

Quick sketch in church and painted at home 😊

Sunday’s Church

We have quite a few churches in our small town and they all look so interesting. I saw this one and decided to paint it for practice. All those angles were really good practice! Still not sure if I like it.

Abandoned Church

I did this sketch last week on my ‘day off’ but wanted to wait till Sunday to post it. It’s an old church that was abandoned years ago. It’s sad that it is in such a bad state but then when I look around the town it’s all becoming the same way. Sad. 

New Year


First church sketch of 2016. 
 I liked the saying on this cup at Denny’s so had to do a pencil sketch of it. 
Day 1 of the new year and I’ve already done 2 sketches…a good way to start the year. 

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