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National Haiku Day

Today is National Haiku Day so I sat right down and wrote two of them with a few daisies in my Hobonichi planner.

‘April seventeen

It’s National Haiku day

Perfect day for me’


‘Time to paint daisies

To add beauty to the day

And remember me’

Happy Haiku day!

#inktober #haikutober Day 19

#inktober #haikutober Day 19. On the road.

We walk into the motel and there is a small vase of daisies….ok, we’re staying here. Very quick sketch. Haiku:

‘Daisies on the desk

Welcoming us to come in

So of course we did’

Pens: TWSBI Eco and Lamy Safari

Inktober Day 1

October 1, 2016, is the beginning of #Inktober and my self-Imposed #haikutober. Yes, I realize I use a haiku on every sketch but this makes it official ­čśä  

‘Starting Inktober

With a bouquet of daisies 

And haikutober’

I used my TWSBI pen with Noodlers bullet proof black ink
Happy Inktober!

Daisy Kind Of Day

I felt so much better after my cup of chamomile tea I researched chamomile and was amazed to find out that it seems to be good for whatever ails you. And it is in the Daisy family!  Of course I would feel better.  

My friend Judy is always so timely with her gifts. She sent two packets of Daisy seeds and one packet of lavender seeds. I will grow these in pots back in Wisconsin 

We were at the U of A agriculture place yesterday and I found these ‘Blackfoot Daisies’. I have a wee bit of Blackfoot Indian in me and being a daisy freak, these were perfect!

While we were there I did this small sketch of pink poppies. 

I love this quote: ‘I want daisies in my hair, green tea in my hand and love in my heart.’

My Valentine Daisies

My Valentine daisies from my husband. I knew as soon as he gave them to me I would paint them and the haiku just followed along. 

Watercolor in my sketchbook. 

Tangle-Quote Serendipity 

I did the tangle last night, pasted it in my sketchbook and wrote the quote on the page. This morning I took a pix outside next to my pot of daisies. I was stunned on how great the shadow illustrated the quote. Love when that happens.

Good Morning

 Good morning.  

  Have a happy daisy day.

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