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#inktober #haikutober Day 9

#inktober #haikutober Day 9. I just had to get one more daisy in here 😄. Of course. Haiku:

          ‘Black and white Daisy

            Taking the place of yellow

            Still so beautiful’
Pen: TWSBI fills with Noodlers permanent black ink

Daisy Cousin Mandala

Time for a happy mandala and haiku.

‘You’re beautiful

So sunny, bright and happy

A daisy cousin’

Fun ‘Work’

Yesterday I did my volunteer ‘job’ at the hospital gift shop. See how hard I was working?!

My Birthday

Looking for sunshine

And pretty Daisy flowers

To brighten the day

Mostly looking for sunshine as the day is already bright with birthday love.

A ‘Little Sunday’ Fun

There are times I don’t know where my ideas come from….
I wondered how small I could paint, so I tore a piece of watercolor paper down to about an inch. Then I decided to sketch a domed building on it and of course I couldn’t fit the whole building on it but I did get a little bit. Then I turned it over and painted a Daisy on the other side. Of course.
Just having some Sunday fun.

A Daisy Jewel

I have seen the latest wave of ‘jewels’ and had to make a daisy jewel. I used ink and my ‘magic pencils’. 

Very fun and meditative. 

#inktober Day 30

#inktober #haikutober. Day 30. I just had to get a daisy in the month somewhere.  


Oh my sweet Daisy

Sending out your last goodbye

Before winter comes

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