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Russian Domes

My friend Gary recently toured Russia and sent this photo. Domes!! How could I resist!?! Such a unique viewpoint. He loves his photography and so do I. What better time to post this ‘Orthodox Church in Moscow, Russia’ than on a Sunday.

‘Those beautiful domes

Just peeking over the roof

Enjoy from afar’

I love these domes. Thanks Gary!

WWM-Day 23

#Worldwatercolormonth- Day -23. I have this fascination for painting domes and when a friend sent me a picture of this church dome in Tucson, I just had to paint it. It has been so fun finding them and next year I want to see them in person.

Painted Domes

Continuing my fascination with domes I found this photo on Pixabay (free images). And wrote a haiku:

Practicing my domes

Orthodox Church in Moscow

Thanks to Pixabay 

(Note to self: put this on your bucket list and keep practicing.)

Watercolor in a ‘Pentalic Nature Sketch’ book. One thing I found out is, the paper does not like wet-in-wet thus, the sky was not as planned. 

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