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National Day Illustration

Today is ‘National Have a Poem In your Pocket’ day.

I was inspired to put a haiku poem in this pocket:

A pocket surprise

It’s a cute little poem

Under a Daisy. 

National Garlic Day

Today is National Garlic Day.  Garlic is a love/hate relationship. Well for me anyway. I love cooking with it and it is healthy but the after  effects can be annoying. 


Colored pencil on toned paper

Dual National Day

It’s ‘National Caramel Popcorn Day’. That would make a fun sketch. But wait, it’s also ‘National Sorry Charlie Day’ which makes it even more fun! Now it’s a dual National Day celebration. 

How could I resist Charlie?! 

National Day

There are a couple different options for ‘National Day’ today but I was inspired by the ‘National Walk Aroumd Things Day” because I walk early every morning.  There are always lots of things to see so I sketched little vignettes of some of them. 

I have sketched national days before but Charlie of Doodlewash rekindle my interest because he is doing them this month. Stop over and see his creations, so fun.  

Thanks for the inspiration Charlie. 

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