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#inktober #haikutober Day 11

#inktober. #haikutober, Day 11

When I was walking the other day, I found a bunch of white-grayish feathers scattered all over the ground making it look like a massacre. I’m thinking it was an Eagle attack (we have them around here) but not sure what bird the meal was. Sad, but that’s nature.


            ‘Feathers everywhere

              It looked like a massacre

              It’s normal nature ‘

Platinum carbon ink fountain pen because I needed very thin ink lines.

Small Feather

I found a small white feather and thanked nature for the gift. Painted on a 6x12cm watercolor paper using a negative painting technique. 


A soft white feather

That fluttered down from the sky

Natures gift today

Inspired By This Quote

I always put a quote in my daily journal and when I found this one, I was inspired to sketch the feather. 

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