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#inktober #haikutober Day 14

This day is special as it was my mothers birthday so I am dedicating this vase of flowers in her honor. She loved flowers.


          ‘Such graceful beauty 

           The daisies and baby breath

           Made for each other’

Ball point pen

Window Swag

Yesterday I was doing my volunteer job at the hospital gift shop. I sold a few things and still had time to do this sketch. These pretty flower swags make the windows look so nice.

And write a haiku:

‘Lavender flowers

Decorating the window

So soft and pretty’

Bouganvillae Bush

When we were in Casa Grande yesterday, there was a pretty bougainvillea bush in front of the cafe. When I got home I sketched this using colored pencils and ‘magic pencils’ for the flowers.  I just liked the way they kind of strayed all over. 

All done in my Sutton Hill sketchbook   

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