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New Fountain Pen

I got a new pen and ink yesterday in the mail so had to sit down and play. Sketched the leaves of a mock orange bush in our yard.


          ‘Testing my new pen

           A lime green Monteverdi

           Yosemite ink’

Nice pen!

Pretty ink!

Sketched My Day

Since yesterday was ‘International Fountain Pen Day’ I took my pens and sketchbook with and ‘inked’ my way through the day. Also bought 2 new pens 😄😂. It was a fun day!

Fountain Pen Day

Happy ✒️ountain ✒️en Day!

I had fun playing with my pens and ink with this quote. Well, I changed the quote a little to more my liking: “Life is about using the whole box of ……. pens and ink!

Have a fun day everyone!

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