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Thinking About Home

I painted this a few days ago when I was thinking about the trip home and wrote the haiku:

          ‘Thinking about home

           The lake, the sky, the sunsets

            Beauty all around’

Now that we are ready to leave tomorrow I wrote a follow-up haiku:

          ‘Yet I feel sad

           I will miss Arizona

           And all my good friends’

Ps, I placed the painting with my red Daisy plants that Judy sent. They are growing so well and a friend is going to keep watering them.

Cactus Monday

My new green set is perfect for Cactus with a little help from my coastal set. Good to know these colors play well together.

Haiku for Cactus Monday:

           ‘Pretty cactus buds

            Just bursting with potential

            To full pink beauty’

Spatter Spray

I guess yesterday was my day for ‘spattering’. Last evening I was sitting on the island enjoying the quiet and watching the aerators spraying, when I thought, ‘oh wow, what a great spatter!’  

I always carry my small sketchbook down there, so I pulled it out, did the sketch and spattered it when I came home.  

I love when inspiration hits me like that.


          Fountain in the lake

          Shooting spray high above me

          Aerating dreams’

Ink Spatter Sketches

Minerva did some ink sketching/spatter sketches from a Koosje Keene YouTube video, so I had to try it also.

I used J. Hebrin ‘cafe de iles’ ink which is a pretty brown and a Pilot Metro fountain pen. It was very fun and I learned how to do a better spatter.


          ‘These wild mushrooms

           Ink and water for painting

           Along with spatter’

This is the link to the video on https://youtu.be/O5xE6U6z4QY

I did this sketch yesterday using the ink spatter and zen drawing. I’ve been reading about zen drawing which is really looking at and SEEING what it is. Almost a form of meditation.

I used my Sailor pen which has a water soluble cartridge in it and a leaf I picked up. In my Hobonichi planner.


            ‘Even the fallen

             Maintain the shape of beauty

             If only we look’

National Haiku Day

Today is National Haiku Day so I sat right down and wrote two of them with a few daisies in my Hobonichi planner.

‘April seventeen

It’s National Haiku day

Perfect day for me’


‘Time to paint daisies

To add beauty to the day

And remember me’

Happy Haiku day!

Ready For Easter

Ready for Easter: Bunny, flowers and decorated eggs! And haiku:

          ‘You cutie bunny

           And your pretty Easter egg

           Waiting for Easter’

Daisy Bee

The prompt today at Worldwatercolor group is ‘bee’. I actually painted this in 2010 but I had to share it again, it’s one of my favorites. 

Watercolor on Arches 140# WC paper.

I used an app called ‘Phonto’ to print the haiku:

          ‘Look at this beauty

           It’s a Daisy-loving bee


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