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#inktober #haikutober Last Day

#inktober #haikutober Last day!  

This is my journal page that I always create during the month and share the last day. Little snippets of October. Hard to tell my focus was on pens and ink. 😄

This is a screen shot of my October calendar with all my #inktober sketches.  It’s a great way to remember the month 

I use an app called ‘Photo 365’

#inktober #haikutober Day 30

#inktober #haikutober Day 30. It’s so close to Halloween I had to create a fun page.  


          ‘Halloween arrived

            It’s a night for trick or treat

            It’s more fun with tricks’

Pentel brush pen

#nktober #haikutober Day 29

#inktober #haikutober Day 29

I knew our friends from Wisconsin were coming back to AZ soon so I made this card and taped it on the door for when they arrived. They got here yesterday.😄

We have had this running joke about the broom. Her husband said we were ‘broom riding sisters’. I think he was insulting us but we have run with it and had a ton of fun. He even ‘made’ me a broom with handlebars.   

‘Welcome home my friend

So fun being broom sisters

We ride together’

Pens:   Pentel brush pen and TWSBI eco

#inktober #haikutober Day 28

#inktober #haikutober Day28. 

Just goofing around with my Lamy Safari pen and this pretty ‘Marine’ ink. 


          ‘Wandering pen lines

           Graceful curves and blue grasses

           Doodles are so fun’

#inktober #haikutober Day 26

#inktober #haikutober Day 26

Yesterday I committed to Julie Gibbons ‘5 days of Mandala Magic’ starting in November. I got in the mandala mood and did this one. I’m definitely ready for mandalas now. 


          ‘Circles and echoes

            Blue, red and black harmony

            Mandala pleasure’

3 pens and 3 different color inks

I am also posting this on my Mandala Blog. 

#inktober #haikutober Day 25

#inktober #haikutober Day 25. 

This is a memory of getting lost in southwest Kansas. It literally looked like the middle of nowhere; nothing to see for miles but a small hill, flat land and one dead tree.


            ‘Nothing seems to grow

             In the middle of nowhere

             But one tree did once’

Pens: Lamy safari and Pentel brush pen

#inktober #haikutober and Cactus Monday

#inktober #haikutober Day 24 and Cactus Monday 

This started out based on Agave leaves and morphed into this design.


‘Sketched with blue ink

Add in a bit of red ink

Shading with color’

Pens: TWSBI and Piper Cub plus colored inks.

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