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Evotion Of A painting

This is the second page in my Stonehenge sample paper sketchbook. It’s on hot press paper and I thought it would be fun to take pictures at each step.  

The first one is just the pen and ink work which lays down beautifully on this smooth paper.

The second one is adding water to the soluble ink.

The last one is finished with watercolor. Those are my subjects on the right side.

I am really loving this hot press Stonehenge paper! I can see where certain subjects would be better on the cold press and rough press but in the meantime I’m embracing this type.

Special Purpose Sketchbook


Another sketchbook I made but for a special purpose.

I received some free Stonehenge watercolor paper: hot press, cold press and rough press, so I decided to put them in their own sketchbook. That way I can test each one with some small sketches.

I used a cracker box for the covers and painted on the inside of them to complete the look.

One irritating thing was the Stonehenge label that refused to come off the paper but I did get 4 pieces of each sheet to work on so no worries.

Daisy and haiku on the first page:

          ‘Just fooling around

           With ink and watercolor

           On Stonehenge paper’

Daily Sketches

Two of my daily sketches in my Hobonichi planner. I only partially use it as a planner and mostly for my daily sketches and quotes. I especially like the haiku I found on Instagram written by ‘Haikujam’. 

          ‘It takes a moment to

           Walk away, but it takes

           A lifetime to forget’

While reading the morning news, the endangerment of species was resonating with me; butterfly’s and bees.

Wishing you all a great day!

Cartoon From The Past


This was a piece of art I did in 2013 and it came as a memory on Facebook today.   I love Maxine. 

It cracks me all over again because I remember the fun I had doing it.

And I haven’t changed 😂😂😂

Cactus Monday

It’s Cactus Monday so I tried a cactus sketch in my Hobonichi planner using my little fishhook barrel cactus as a model.


          ‘It’s Cactus Monday

           The deadly Fishhook Barrel

           To announce the day’

I’m having more success figuring out how to sketch on this Tomoe paper. I used ink, markers and a little watercolor and I’m pretty happy with the results.


I’ve been telling my husband that he is losing his hearing and it’s not just selective hearing, so he finally consented to have it tested at the VA yesterday. 

Haiku and results:

          It’s a hearing test

          At the audiologist

          Failed! I told ya’
Now maybe we can stop fighting over the volume of the TV 😄😄😄

Inked during the test, painted at home in my small Pentalic sketchbook.

Making Christmas Cookies

I have been missing my family this Christmas so I guess that’s why I decided to make Christmas cookies. Christmas songs playing and remembering all the laughter and love when we made cookies together. 😍😍😍

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