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#Inktober #Haikutober Day 2

#inktober #haikutober Day 2 

I found the leaf on my walk and brought it home to sketch in ink. Then I wrote the haiku:

‘Not green anymore

Now a beautiful soft brown’

Then I realized the leaf wasn’t brown so I brushed on ‘Noodlers Golden Brown’ ink and tada it’s a beautiful brown! I’m trying to stay strictly with ink.
Have a beautiful day everyone.

Virtual Sketchcrawl

#intober #haikutober. I have no one to sketchcrawl with so I went with my husband to do errands and sketched at the stops. 

He had to go into the convenience store at the gas station so I sketched a nearby farm.

Then we went to the local nursery to find out the best way to overwinter mums. He was still talking to the guy so I sketched him through the car window.

I purposely stayed with ink for #inktober.  The ink in the Kuretaki pen is water soluble. 

Errands done. Sketches done. Haiku done. Multi-tasking works. 

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