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#inktober and Journal Page

#inktober #haikutober. Day 5

My first time using a brush pen for sketching (thanks to the inspiration of other #inktober sketches). It’s very fun. Makes me appreciate the simple line. 

Haiku: A warm helping hand

Means the world to someone

It’s the touch of love


First time with brush pen

It reduces fussiness

But I like to fuss 😄

Yesterday I got up to gray skies and they stayed all day making it a good day to sketch, paint and watch football.

Watercolor and ink for my daily journal page. 


Journal Page and #inktober and #haikutober

I have gotten into the great habit of sketching everyday and while we were gone I didn’t have time. I missed it so much! On my journal page yesterday I did a little recap of the missing days and when I took a long walk I found some autumn treasures to sketch. Feels so good to be back to my daily journal pages. 

Watercolor and ink

#inktober and #haikutober.Day 2. 

A little scene at the lake

Haiku: Quiet and peaceful

Pine trees, water and seagulls

Nature at its best

Thursday Journal Page

My journal page from yesterday. It was my day for volunteering in the hospital gift shop and there was lots of inspiration on the way there and in there. 


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