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Take Home Treasures

While I was walking and sketching yesterday I was gathering things to take home and sketch. Erv found one feather and the other two drifted in.   

Haiku for them:

          ‘Three pretty feathers

           Waiting for us to find them

           Sweet gifts from above’
The reeds by the lake were dried and when I examined them they had little pockets for creating buoyancy. 

The flat piece of palm leaf laying at the top of the page works great for ink and watercolor. I had to try.  

The leaf just came along for the ride 😄

It was such a fun day!

Completed Journal Page

The rest of my journal page. The fish was the star yesterday and today it’s the ducks. A haiku for each vignette. An urban (rural) sketch.

Watercolor on Arches 140# WC paper.

Journal Page Start

The start of a journal page from yesterday’s fishing. No one was catching fish until this guy caught a little panfish causing excitement among the guys. You can see how small it was.😄


           ‘One little fish caught

             Created much excitement

             Up and down the shore’

Watercolor on Arches 140# cold press paper

Yesterday’s Fun

 We had such a fun busy day yesterday I wanted to capture it in sketches. I used pencil, ink, watercolor and scraps of paper sketches to do both pages. Done in Stillman&Birns beta soft cover sketchbook. 


Day 7 Ink and Haiku

  #inktober #haikutober Haiku: 
Purple coneflower

You used to be pretty pink

Autumn turned you brown

My daily journal page turned into two days on one page. Some days are like that, too busy.

Watercolor and ink


Journal Page in #inktober

  #inktober #haikutober day 4. A little scarecrow doll ready to retire for the season. Haiku: 
Hey little scarecrow

Summer protection of plants

Your work is done now. 

I am loving seeing all the #inktober sketches here. Very creative and inspiring.

My journal page from yesterday. How could I resist the daisies I saw in the store.


Journal Page and #inktober

I sketched this when it was calm on the lake but today is perfect sailboat weather—windy!  
#inktober #haikutober for 10/03/15 

Haiku: Sailboat ahoy

  Moving slow across water

  Just not enough wind.

My journal page from Friday. I love how my ‘weather window’ turned out. The sky was dark blue and the moon was peeking between the pine branches. Makes the whole page worth it.

Watercolor and ink.

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