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Evotion Of A painting

This is the second page in my Stonehenge sample paper sketchbook. It’s on hot press paper and I thought it would be fun to take pictures at each step.  

The first one is just the pen and ink work which lays down beautifully on this smooth paper.

The second one is adding water to the soluble ink.

The last one is finished with watercolor. Those are my subjects on the right side.

I am really loving this hot press Stonehenge paper! I can see where certain subjects would be better on the cold press and rough press but in the meantime I’m embracing this type.

New Fountain Pen

I got a new pen and ink yesterday in the mail so had to sit down and play. Sketched the leaves of a mock orange bush in our yard.


          ‘Testing my new pen

           A lime green Monteverdi

           Yosemite ink’

Nice pen!

Pretty ink!

Cactus MondayΒ 

I’ve been playing with my colored inks and watercolor and the leaves were willing subjects. It’s not cactus for Cactus Monday but they are Arizona leaves so it counts. Lol


          ‘Arizona leaves

           They’re dried and rolled into shapes

           Crinkled and fun’

Happy Cactus Monday

Hang In There

 First I saw these leaves having on a tree and decided to sketch them. Then I found this quote that just fit so well I had to include it.

‘Hang in there 

It is astonishing

How short a time

It can take for

Very wonderful

Things to happen’

Watercolor on 140# paper in my sketchbook

Getting Over My Dry Spell


I haven’t been sketching in awhile and decided it was time to get over my dry spell.

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