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Mountain Escape

Yesterday was hot and humid and I needed to go to the mountains to cool off and relax, so I traveled there in my imagination. I love the mountains!


‘This place is only

In my imagination

I needed the peace’

#worldwatercolorgroup. I’m not following the prompts but just painting what inspires me.

WWM- Day-30

#wprldwatercolormonth -Day 30. I found this image on Pixabay and I’m pretty sure it was taken in Glacier National Park. I love that park, it’s so beautiful and it inspired me to paint this. Haiku:

‘High jagged mountains

Snow and clouds do not stop them

Beauty redefined’

Red Mountains

Sunset sky casting a red color on the Catalina mountains. 

Watercolor on a 6cm x 12 cm watercolor paper and pasted in my sketchbook

Mountain Fog and Snow

We had snow, fog and heavy dark clouds on the Catalina Mountains yesterday. And it was COLD. Just had to get a quick sketch as snow doesn’t happen very often.

Watercolor in my sketchbook.

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