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Paint a Bird Day

Sitting at the lake sketching. It’s ‘paint a bird’ day and if you look closely you can see the bird sitting high on the tree branch. 

So relaxing sitting here enjoying the nice weather and sketching. I needed this day!  

This is the first I’ve posted from my iPhone so not sure how it will turn out. 

Take Home Treasures

While I was walking and sketching yesterday I was gathering things to take home and sketch. Erv found one feather and the other two drifted in.   

Haiku for them:

          ‘Three pretty feathers

           Waiting for us to find them

           Sweet gifts from above’
The reeds by the lake were dried and when I examined them they had little pockets for creating buoyancy. 

The flat piece of palm leaf laying at the top of the page works great for ink and watercolor. I had to try.  

The leaf just came along for the ride 😄

It was such a fun day!

The End Of The Day

The day was a mixture of rain and sun and beautiful rain drops that sparkled like diamonds. 


Out Sketching Again

He was fishing and I was sketching.

Starting out with an ink sketch.

Finished with page. Used this small palette.

Close up of page.

The White Egret came to check us out in case we got a fish to share.
 Never run out of inspiration here.
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Seed Pod

Bottle tree seed pod.
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