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Weeds And Haiku

#naturedoodlewash. This simple sketch is more ink and haiku with the inclusions in the hand made paper being the star. One of those ‘less is more’ things.

Hiking Surprise

#naturedoodlewash. This is an animal you do not want to run into when walking or hiking. One early morning I was walking down the road and this skunk was crossing the road ahead of me…..I never broke my stride when I immediately turned around and went the other way. 😬


Two feathers, two haiku:
‘A soft white feather

Came floating into my life

Natures gift today’


‘I saw a feather

Now I see many feathers

Predator afoot’


Goatsbeard Wildflower

#naturedoodlewash. A little study of the three phases of the wildflower called ‘Goatsbeard’. We have lots of it around us. It looks like a big dandelion, both when blooming and the big puff of seeds. It only blooms before noon.  Always see them on my walk in the spring and early summer. 

The text is from an app called Phonto. 

Frisky Meets Fang

A little bit of humor today for my #naturedoodlewash. We took a walk near the lake looking for baby turtles and saw this puppy meet a garter snake and he couldn’t figure out what it was and why it wouldn’t play with him. I call it ‘when Frisky meets Fang’. With a haiku of course:

What is this creature

Skinny, no paws, moves funny

How can I shake hands?

Poppy Time

My neighbor has such beautiful poppies, I just had to sketch one and write a haiku.  Great find for our #naturedoodlewash this month. 

Funny how the neighbor’s on each side of us have such beautiful gardens and all I need to do is walk over, enjoy and sketch.  

Resourceful Dove

My friend Gary never misses a photo op and when he sent me this cute one I just had to paint it. And write a haiku.  Perfect for nature Doodlewash. And so darn cute. 

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