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Cactus Monday At Sabino Canyon

Our OPUS (Old Puebla Urban Sketchers) had an outing this am at Sabino Canyon. Such a beautiful place to just enjoy and sketching there makes it perfect.  Mountains, flowers and cacti, perfect!

This is the first page in my new Stillman&Birns beta sketchbook. We sat in a ramada and sketched the view of the mountains and desert plants. A beautiful day.

Urban (Rural) Sketching

My little sketch at the park with OPUS (Old Pueblo Urban Sketchers) and haiku which says it all, a perfect day. 

‘Sketching with friends at

Agua Caliente Park

Such a perfect day’

A great bunch of people.  We laid all our sketches on the table for an over view. 

Urban Sketching

Stillman&Birns beta sketchbook. 

While OPUS (Old Pueblo Urban Sketchers) was sketching in Tucson, I was at the local Farm Market in Wisconsin. Lots of local color. Used my Koi Watercolors and #6 Escoda watercolor brush. And wishing I was with the group in Tucson. 

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