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Parade People Sketching

 We always go to the parade.

We always sit in the same place

And I always sketch. 

This time I added a haiku to the sketch. 

Adding color is always a challenge while sitting there.  

Always fun. 

For grins I found some previous parade sketches and was surprised that they were so different and yet, not.  
This was my first parade sketch in 2006. Small town parades always feature lots of old tractors. 

Kids are a big part of parade watching and candy catching.

People bring chairs, sit in their truck or on the curb. They visit and eat while waiting for the parade to begin. 

Just people.  I must have been in a hurry with this one. 

A little bit different take on the parade. 

This is the one from today. Even added a haiku. 

Hope you are all enjoying your holiday 

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