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Butterfly Wishes

When I was volunteering at the hospital gift shop yesterday I found this ‘Butterfly Wishes’ ornament. I wasn’t busy so I decided to sketch it. Little did I know it was a very detailed design and I ended up taking it home to finish

I love that saying, ‘Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a Butterfly.’

Ink, pencil and watercolor in small sketchbook that lives in my purse. 

Fun ‘Work’

Yesterday I did my volunteer ‘job’ at the hospital gift shop. See how hard I was working?!

Cactus Monday

This is a sketch I did in 2008 and I still love it because it leaves so much to the imagination.  

Happy Cactus Monday

It’s True…

It’s true.. After my sketch yesterday and talking about how inspiring it is to sketch guys with beards/mustaches, I looked back and found these sketches of guys……and that’s only half of them. Lol. It’s true!  

New Year


First church sketch of 2016. 
 I liked the saying on this cup at Denny’s so had to do a pencil sketch of it. 
Day 1 of the new year and I’ve already done 2 sketches…a good way to start the year. 

Christmas Train

Just a fun Christmas piece. I found my inspiration for this in a restaurant with a train decorating a shelf. I started sketching it there and when I got home my imagination took over.

Pencil, ink and watercolor in a Co-Mo sketchbook. 6″x12″. 

Whiskey Jack

It’s Throwback Thursday so I decided to reintroduce ‘Whisky Jack’, a pencil sketch I did long ago.  I met this character in a western town and asked if I could sketch him.  “Are you going to make money off me?”  I said no, it was just personal so he posed and I sketched.  

I loved how it turned out so well that I framed him and he hangs on the wall in our Arizona home.  I didn’t make any money but he is priceless. 

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