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Done! Β 100 people in one week.Β 

The challenge of #oneweek100people2017 has been circulating in the art community. I started a day late because I love challenges and could not pass it by. Β These were my first 20. Β And they were fun!

I used the people around me on this day for my next 20 and decided that color would be fun.

On this day I used some watercolor on the left side and charcoal on the right side.

This was the day I only had a day left to finish the last 40!

I did it! I did it! Not the best job but I did it!

The best part of doing challenges like this are the things we learn along the way. For instance, I haven’t used charcoal in a very long time and found I still like it.

I haven’t done any gestures drawing in forever; didn’t like it years ago and that has not changed!

One thing I discovered is the use of my brush pen, and then adding color to it. I think it’s the boldness that I like. You can capture action very fast with the brush pen and want to try that more.

Phew, now I can move onto painting again. I bought some new hand crafted watercolors that I am dying to try.

Motorcyclist Clues

Here is a silly little sketch I did in the restaurant. As soon as the guy sat down I knew I would sketch him. He had pink cheeks and white around his eyes and I knew he was a motorcyclist. Then when I saw his hat I knew where he had been, Sturgis, South Dakota.

Sturgis is a big time gathering place for motorcyclists and it is a very long way from here.


Pink cheeks, white eyes

‘I just got back from Sturgis

Sunglasses will do that’

Casino Sketching

We went to the casino yesterday for lunch. He likes to gamble and you know what I like to do. The painting on the left is in the dining room while the one on the right is the casino front with the hotel behind it.   Done in my sketch journal   

Below is the painting I did 5mo the ago for comparison. At least I know I have improved. πŸ˜„


River Walk Walkers

I love when my husband plays golf because then I can use that time for sketching. This is on the river walk where there are walkers and bikers. Took a lot of pencil marks to get the action of these ladies. lol

Watercolor in my Handbook watercolor Sketchbook. 

State Of The Union Address


Listening to the State of the Union Address……with sketchbook in hand. 

And Even More

I found a few more beard/mustaches in my archives.  Most from photos. 

I definitely need to go out and find some new models. πŸ˜„

It’s True…

It’s true.. After my sketch yesterday and talking about how inspiring it is to sketch guys with beards/mustaches, I looked back and found these sketches of guys……and that’s only half of them. Lol. It’s true!  

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