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Fountain Pen Day

Happy ✒️ountain ✒️en Day!

I had fun playing with my pens and ink with this quote. Well, I changed the quote a little to more my liking: “Life is about using the whole box of ……. pens and ink!

Have a fun day everyone!


I was looking through some old sketches when I found this one. I just love the message and thought it would be good for a repost on Sunday. I was sketching in church when the Priest said this.

“I asked God where he was when my son died. He said he was in the same place he is when His son died.”

So profound!

Need For Flowers

“There are always flowers for those that want to see them.” Matisse.

I need to see some today!

Etegami style painting.

Draw A Bird Day

This sketch was a combination of events: I wanted something different in my daily sketchbook and I wanted it on toned paper because white always looks so neat on it, then I needed a quote to go with it.

Found the seagull on Pixabay, found the quote from the book, ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ and pasted a piece of tan paper in my sketchbook. 

Daily sketch done!

I was also inspired by ‘Draw a bird day’

Small Gang

Another one of those illustrated quotes or sayings as I couldn’t find the author but it was so cute I had to find the perfect model (from Pixabay). 

In my daily journal. 

Thinking To Learn

I saw this quote and loved it so I decided to sketch a child doing just this. Of course she is holding daisies. Image from Pixabay (love that site for free images) 

Ink on a piece of brown paper in my daily journal. 

Toned Paper Sketch

I felt like working on toned paper so I cut a piece of garbage bag and glued it in my daily journal. Then I sketched the old shack and found the perfect quote for it, and done. 

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