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Memory Shell

This sketch was a multi media fun piece. I decided to sketch this shell because of the black tips on it, then I could use my new pen!  

I also ended up using a charcoal pencil, white gelly roll pen, white colored pencil, a tortillon and of course, my new Sailor fountain pen

Then I wrote a haiku about the memories imbedded in the shell 

          ‘This pretty seashell

           Was a gift from a good friend

           This and memories’

My April Fool joke is that I am not buying any new fountain pens! Well, not today anyway 😂😂😂
Happy April 1st!

Happy November

Happy November 1st!

Now that #inktober is done I’m easing my way back to watercolor. I am so enjoying my fountain pens that I just can’t put them down so I combined this ink sketch with watercolor.


          ‘I’m transitioning 

           From ink to watercolor

           Doing it slowly’

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