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Charcoal Fun

You never know what fun you’re going to find when cleaning drawers and cabinets, especially in art supplies. 

I found my charcoal pencils! Years ago I used to work with them a lot. But then watercolor took over my life.  

Well, when I found these I quit cleaning and started sketching๐Ÿ˜„. So fun to work with them again. I’m going to sharpen them and keep them close at hand.

I did this on Stonehenge hot press watercolor paper and did use a light wash on the background.

Spring Tulip

It’s so great to be seeing clearly now, I can’t keep away from my paints. Thank goodness for glasses!

This tulip is on Stonehenge 300# watercolor paper which I am really liking a lot. But I couldn’t get the label off the sample.

And of course a haiku written with my new pen:

          ‘A flash of yellow

           Rising above the tall geeen

          A little tulip’

Wishing you a happy spring day!

Cactus Monday

Another little sketch on Arches WC paper using my new watercolors handcrafted by Anthesis.  

Since it’s Cactus Monday I decided these were growing in the desert and needed to be painted. ๐Ÿ˜„. Whatever works ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

I also discovered that this round tin fits in my mixing dish just perfectly.

Sunday’s Steeple

I went to my friend’s church for a little meeting and was inspired by their church steeple. It’s a little wonky but fun to do. I think I’ve move from domes to steeples. And Sunday is a good to post it.

Cold and Colder

How cold is it? Yesterday the low was 35 F and today is a little colder. Winter in Arizona! Snow in the mountains but none here in the valley. 


           ‘Even my T. Bear

             Needs a warm-y hat and scarf

             40 is cold here!’

Ink and watercolor in my Hobonichi planner

Hilltop Beauty

This is a scene I see every time I go east on River Rd, a building high on a hill. It is especially pretty against the sky and I have wanted to paint it for years. That desire finally became reality when I took a photo to use as a resource.

And write a haiku:

              ‘It’s hilltop beauty

                Using the sky as background

                Beauty for our eyes’

Watercolor in my 8×8″ sketchbook with Arches 140# cold press WC paper

Watery Leaf

This is a case of two separate items that came together so nicely. First, I painted this leaf last fall and didn’t really like it so it stayed in my sketchbook. Next, I was walking after the rain the other day and saw a leaf half submerged in a puddle and thought it would be interesting to paint it.

Then my muse kicked in to remind me about the forgotten leaf and how I could try the puddle sketch with it. This is the result. Since the leaf was curled up I left that part out of the water. And added the haiku:

          ‘Treasures in puddles

            A leaf half under water

            The pretty part, not’

This was done on Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper which I don’t really care for and don’t use very often.

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