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Thinking About Home

I painted this a few days ago when I was thinking about the trip home and wrote the haiku:

          ‘Thinking about home

           The lake, the sky, the sunsets

            Beauty all around’

Now that we are ready to leave tomorrow I wrote a follow-up haiku:

          ‘Yet I feel sad

           I will miss Arizona

           And all my good friends’

Ps, I placed the painting with my red Daisy plants that Judy sent. They are growing so well and a friend is going to keep watering them.

Cactus Monday

My new green set is perfect for Cactus with a little help from my coastal set. Good to know these colors play well together.

Haiku for Cactus Monday:

           ‘Pretty cactus buds

            Just bursting with potential

            To full pink beauty’

Silly Ostrich

This is me being silly.πŸ˜„. I found a reference photo on Pixabay and it’s not only cute but perfect for ink and a bit of watercolor.

Using my small Stonehenge journal with hot press paper and my Jinhao fountain pen with the water repellant Lexington gray ink. Loving that ink!


          ‘You looking at me?

           And while you’re doing that

           I’m looking at you!’

Waterproof Ink

Doing a test on Noodlers Lexington Gray fountain pen ink for water solubility.

Both pages were sketched with the ink and watercolor added. Not even a hint of running. 

Proof: Noodlers Lexington Gray ink is bullet proof!   Which in my mind means waterproof!

I know a lot of you already knew this but I had to do the test for myself and WHOOHOO! It’s true. Onto safely using it to sketch and paint.

Charcoal Fun

You never know what fun you’re going to find when cleaning drawers and cabinets, especially in art supplies. 

I found my charcoal pencils! Years ago I used to work with them a lot. But then watercolor took over my life.  

Well, when I found these I quit cleaning and started sketchingπŸ˜„. So fun to work with them again. I’m going to sharpen them and keep them close at hand.

I did this on Stonehenge hot press watercolor paper and did use a light wash on the background.

Spring Tulip

It’s so great to be seeing clearly now, I can’t keep away from my paints. Thank goodness for glasses!

This tulip is on Stonehenge 300# watercolor paper which I am really liking a lot. But I couldn’t get the label off the sample.

And of course a haiku written with my new pen:

          ‘A flash of yellow

           Rising above the tall geeen

          A little tulip’

Wishing you a happy spring day!

Cactus Monday

Another little sketch on Arches WC paper using my new watercolors handcrafted by Anthesis.  

Since it’s Cactus Monday I decided these were growing in the desert and needed to be painted. πŸ˜„. Whatever works πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

I also discovered that this round tin fits in my mixing dish just perfectly.

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