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Beginning And End

The beginning of April meets the end of the sketchbook. Another one to pack away. 

First Autumn Leaves

My first autumn leaves with haiku. 

‘You know what this means

Leaves falling, no longer green

Get ready for fall’

Watercolor in my little 3×3.5″ sketchbook 

I made the book with left over watercolor paper. Great for carrying in purse.  

Celebrating The Last Page

Three years ago I made a commitment to finish up my many unfinished sketchbooks.   Got another one done. 

I use the last page for something new, something silly or something weird. 

Do you do anything different on your last page?

Fishing Sketch

 We went fishing last night, well, he fished and I sketched and after 15 minutes we ran home and made it just before the rain. I finished the sketch this am.   

Remembering Weekend Blooms

 We had such a wonderful weekend around June 10th, lots of family fun and lots of blooms.  I finally got my sketches painted! 

Gazania Bloom

My neighbor loves to garden and I love to paint her beautiful flowers. She routinely shows me what’s new and when I saw this Gazinia I knew I had to paint it. Biggest Gazania bloom I’ve ever seen. The Cosmos blooms look so much like daisies I had to include them also.

Watercolor on 140# WC sketchbook paper. Loving the Opera Pink! Works so well for pink flowers.   

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