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Playing a Little Catch-up

Today is Cactus Monday. 

On December 10, I posted this tree top angel in honor of  ‘Angel Day’. It’s an angel that I designed and embroidered in 1981. 

The next is an updated old sketch.  

The next two are sketches from the lake done while the guys fished 

Hopefully I’m caught up now.  This is such a busy time of the year. 

August Ends

For the past few months I have set aside a page in my sketchbook for little snippets of the month. August turned into 2 pages and now it’s become a tradition for me to do this. It’s fun. And can’t forget the haiku:

‘The month of August

Summer has peaked for the year

Fall is peeking in’

Two Small Sketches


A couple of little sketches in my daily journal. 

A Few Sketches

The top sketch is the cover of my ‘Out and About’ watercolor journal that lives in my purse. The lower left pix is a partial building I could see from inside an open restaurant. The lower right is a door knocker I found there. 

I bought this small hand bound journal on Etsy and the paper is Fabriano Artistico. It is the first time I have used it and it’s wonderful to work on.

Chinese New Year Celebration

OPUS Old Pueblo Urban Sketchers (Julie, Jessica, Tim and myself). met at the Chinese Cultural Center today to enjoy a few hours of sketching and a loud stage show. It was so fun to finally meet Jessica after chatting online for so long. She brought her friend Tim (he had a beard so I had to sketch him while he was sketching) and Julie. We totally lost Julie in the crowd, sorry, wanted to say goodbye. What a fun day!

A Few Sketches This Week

Started out sketching in church on Sunday.

He we golfing on Wednesday and I went to Starbucks for a tea and sketching.  


On Thursday we went to a little lake and he fished while I sketched.   

And some natural beauty.  

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