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#worldwatercolormonth – day-21. I made myself a new small palette of red, yellow and blue, each with a warm and cool. And got a waist pouch to carry them in. I sat on the dock and practiced mixing and blending the colors. And wrote a haiku:

‘Sitting on the dock

Studying the sky colors

Blending and painting’

I don’t like the paper in this sketchbook so using it up with practicing. And someday I may actually be able to paint a pretty sunset sky!

Look To The Sky

In keeping with my months theme of hiking in nature…..#naturedoodlewash. 

And haiku:
I looked to the sky

Lots of blue with a few clouds

And birds floating through

The best part of this sketch? I painted the sky and didn’t like it and was ready to toss it when I got the idea how to save it, with the birds 

Good Morning

 Good morning.  

  Have a happy daisy day.



Storm Moving In


As I sit on this bench I can see the storm moving in from the north. 

My Evening Walk

 My evening walk shows the kind of day we had.  Partly cloudy and partly sunny. And very windy.  

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