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Cactus Monday

It’s Cactus Monday! A fast little sketch of a blooming ‘Old Man Cactus’ where the spines are all white. 


          ‘Pretty cactus blooms

           Lots of white spines on this one

           Enjoy but don’t touch’

Ink and watercolor on Stonehenge 300# WC paper. Such a beautiful paper to paint on!

This is a beautiful ‘Night-blooming Cereus. It blooms for one night and is gone by mid morning.

Plum Blossoms

Ever since I bought that fountain pen I’ve been in a cherry blossom mood. In this case, plum blossoms.


          ‘Simple, sweet and pink

           Plum blossoms are so pretty

           I love to paint them’

Stonehenge watercolor paper 300# using Daniel Smiths Quin Rose watercolor.

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