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Sunset Sky

Another beauty sunset! And to celebrate I discovered I have to take my glasses OFF for distance and TV, for the first time in 30 years! Plus the sky was an amazing blue earlier. I did not expect this to happen after cataract surgery. I wonder if this is going to change how I paint.

I get my eyes checked for prescription in 2 weeks. Going to be a crazy adjustment.


#worldwatercolormonth. All the beautiful sunsets I see and photograph inspired me to try this one. Think I’ll stick to taking photos. Haiku:

‘The sun is bragging

By flashing her colors around

For our enjoyment’

A Few Sketches This Week

Started out sketching in church on Sunday.

He we golfing on Wednesday and I went to Starbucks for a tea and sketching.  


On Thursday we went to a little lake and he fished while I sketched.   

And some natural beauty.  

#inktober Day 15

#inktober #haikutober. Day 15. After watching Marc Taro Holmes Craftsy video on ‘Travel Sketching in Mixed Media’, I decided to attempt this sketch of one of the buildings at the paper mill. So far out of my comfort zone……but I like it. Haiku:

It’s one large building

Part of the Domtar paper mill

Lots of smoke and stink.

The mill is located in Nekoosa, WI and it’s easy to tell you are there from the smell.

#inktober and Sunset Sky

  #inktober #haikutober. These tall grasses were so graceful and inspiring. Haiku:
Tall wild grasses

Sending out their last goodbyes

Seeds for the future

Our beautiful sunset last night..


Sunset Calmnessย 

The colors of the sunset are enchanting and calm.  I really love how this turned out. 

Watercolor on a 6x12cm watercolor paper  

End Of The Day

Darkness descends and all is well with the world.  

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