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Cactus Monday Tea

Since I’ve been in such a rea drinking mood I thought I would paint a blooming Prickly Pear on a used dried tea bag.

It’s very fun and I’ve gone kind of crazy doing them. Β I use ink and watercolor.

Tea Bag Art

Tea bag art. All the tea I got from Judy is being upcycled to Daisy tea bags, or what you ever moves me. It’s very fun and this is watercolor so good to know I can use WC.

i am editing this to show you my process. Β First, I enjoy the tea
Then dry the bag intact.
Then slit both sides (small slits that hide well) and empty.
I usually rinse it again and dry flat
The bags seem quite strong so I use ink and watercolor for the image.
Hope that helps. It was all testing for me and this is what worked.
I’m sure acrylic paint or gouache would also work.

I put them in a sketchbook just so they don’t get lost or destroyed.

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