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Farm Buildings

The last sections of my accordion fold travel journal. This is a farm near my daughters with all the sprawling out buildings, three silos and a small barn away from everything but so interesting. Love that stone foundation.

If you remember, I have this new fascination with domed buildings. Well, I haven’t seen one yet in Wisconsin so I guess the dome part of the silo will be my domes. Lol

More Tulips

One more page in my accordion fold travel journal. This time it’s tulips that I found near my daughters house. They were so pretty up against the split rail fence.

The light is from the window coming in over my painting table. 

Road Trip

Doing all the last minute packing. My little art bag fits in my purse for sketching on the road. I prepared an accordion fold watercolor journal, added a small Altoid container of 5 basic Watercolors and 2 water brushes. I had this same kind of set-up for the trip out here and it’s works great. Helps me relax at the end of a long day of driving. 

Hope to leave at 5-6am tomorrow. 

Home With The Cactus

Sketches and barrel cactus…..we’re home!

Travel Day 2

So I just had to do a small sketch last night. It’s the skyline of Kansas City, got the pix from Wikipedia. 

I was so tired from fighting the 50mph crosswinds. 

Water soluble ink. 

Getting Ready

I made an accordion watercolor paper journal to sketch my travels from Wisconsin to Arizona. 

It fits in purse perfectly along with my travel paints. 

On the other hand, I do all the driving so not sure how much I will actually get done. But there are rest areas and restaurants to grab a few minutes.  

Happy Cactus Monday

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