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#worldwatercolormonth – 22. This is a multi-purpose watercolor: it is world watercolor month, 

my Urban Sketchers group in Tucson (OPUS) had an outing today and I wanted to join them in Wisconsin. 

My friend took the photo of the sign that gives the information on this building and sent it to me because I forgot to take one,

And I learned how to merge the two together. 

Love when everything comes together so well.

Urban Sketching

Stillman&Birns beta sketchbook. 

While OPUS (Old Pueblo Urban Sketchers) was sketching in Tucson, I was at the local Farm Market in Wisconsin. Lots of local color. Used my Koi Watercolors and #6 Escoda watercolor brush. And wishing I was with the group in Tucson. 

Abandoned Church

I did this sketch last week on my ‘day off’ but wanted to wait till Sunday to post it. It’s an old church that was abandoned years ago. It’s sad that it is in such a bad state but then when I look around the town it’s all becoming the same way. Sad. 

Urban/Rural Sketching

In keeping with the sketching day for OPUS (Old Pueblo Urban Sketchers in Tucson), I didn’t need to go far to find a scene to paint as we live in a rural farming and lakes area. I love old farm buildings. The day started gray and then turned sunny and breezy. 

Stillman&Birns soft cover sketchbook with my favorite Koi Watercolors. 

Hope you all had a great day!

Yesterday’s Fun

 We had such a fun busy day yesterday I wanted to capture it in sketches. I used pencil, ink, watercolor and scraps of paper sketches to do both pages. Done in Stillman&Birns beta soft cover sketchbook. 


Feeding The Ducks

Sketched at a small lake in Tucson, Arizona. These people were enjoying feeding the ducks and the ducks were loving it too.

Watercolor and ink

Last Sketch Of 2015

I saw this image yesterday as I was driving out of a small shopping mall. No, I could not pass up such an opportunity. I immediately parked and started sketching with a pencil and eraser which was a good thing as that scissor lift was much more complicated than I thought. Challenging and fun.

I used my new Handbook WC journal and found one other thing I don’t like about it. My Platinum carbon ink pen with its extra fine point just pulled up so many fibers I had a wad of them at the end of the pen. Next time I am going to work with a ball point pen. 

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