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Urban (Rural) Sketching

My little sketch at the park with OPUS (Old Pueblo Urban Sketchers) and haiku which says it all, a perfect day. 

‘Sketching with friends at

Agua Caliente Park

Such a perfect day’

A great bunch of people.  We laid all our sketches on the table for an over view. 

Urban Sketching

The day started out rainy and dreary and I wondered how I was going to go out sketching like my OPUS friends in Tucson. So, I started painting the background on my page in the house. Then, wow, the rain stopped and the sun came out so I went over to my neighbor’s deck and painted those trees in.  See, it pays to wish on a rainbow. 

And here is my wishing rainbow.

Out Sketching

We had a sketch outing for OPUS, (Old Pueblo Urban Sketchers) today at the U of A Extension Master Gardener Public Demonstration Gardens. Juanita gave us a tour of this beautiful place. Blooms everywhere! We talked a lot and sketched in the Pollinator Garden

Mine are a few snippets of Blanket Flowers, Adobe wall and a niche in the wall. I’ve never see a Pomegranate tree before so when I found a little piece on the ground I had to save it and lay it on the page. 

Happy earth Day!

Urban Sketching

This has been my year for learning perspective and it finally makes sense and I’m having a lot of fun practicing. Having said that I have developed a fascination for domes. I found this one while he was golfing. Ha, I was so fascinated I had to try it three times to get all the angles right, well mostly right.

A friend tells me there is a particularly beautiful church with beautiful domes here in town, but that one will have to wait till next year when we come back. 

Watercolor in my sketchbook. 

Urban Sketching

 A few hours of sketching with the Old Pueblo Urban Sketchers at the Tucson Festival of Books on the U of Arizona campus. 

Out Sketching

Another day of him golfing and me sketching at a little shopping center near the course. I liked the Catalina Mountains as a backdrop to the stores. 

Chinese New Year Celebration

OPUS Old Pueblo Urban Sketchers (Julie, Jessica, Tim and myself). met at the Chinese Cultural Center today to enjoy a few hours of sketching and a loud stage show. It was so fun to finally meet Jessica after chatting online for so long. She brought her friend Tim (he had a beard so I had to sketch him while he was sketching) and Julie. We totally lost Julie in the crowd, sorry, wanted to say goodbye. What a fun day!

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